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Watch for more information as we develop programs for Zima Health, including online courses based on her best-selling book, The 7 Disciplines of Wellness.  

Watch for the launch of the all new ZIMA WELLNESS ACADEMY, available 24/7 from your computer, tablet or hand-held device. Learn how to apply The 7 Disciplines of Wellness to your own life and implement your own healthy lifestyle with our engaging courses on nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and relaxation techniques.
We can customize an e-learning solution to meet your training needs!  Our team of award-winning instructional designers, graphic artists, creative writers and voice talent specialize in working with many unique and different organizations to determine the best approach for transferring information and knowledge into a web-based training program. 

By using the best e-learning tools - we deliver a fulfilling learner experience that fosters interaction and learner development.  Each solution is created to engage users in a way that will change their behavior and archive the training experience in long-term memory. We do this through fun, interactive learning exercises, simulations, and role-plays that provide every opportunity to practice and learn.

We can convert your existing power point presentations or other materials to a high quality multimedia format or we can work with you from scripting and story-boarding to the final production for a truly unique presentation!
NEW!  We are proud to announce that we have launched our new Learning Management System (LMS) where you can take  courses online in a fully responsive format.  Click here to view our catalog.
Course Development and Training Programs
New Hire Orientation and On-Boarding
Streamline your company’s new hire on-boarding process through online training and searchable resource materials. Ensure each employee receives consistent information concerning your company’s values, policies, procedures and processes. Implementing a new procedure?  We can provide your digital documentation to train your staff.  All materials are customized for your business.

Audience – Businesses, Non-Profits, Workforce Development 

  • Company Overview – Mission, Culture and Expectations   
  • Communication in the Workplace      
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership   

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Multimedia Training and Development Programs
Computer Management Corporation - Mary P Parker
Computer Management Corporation - Mary P Parker
Computer Management Corporation - Mary P Parker
Computer Management Corporation - Mary P Parker
Computer Management Corporation - Mary P Parker
Computer Management Corporation
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Computer Management Corporation - Mary P Parker
Benefits of OnlineTraining
  • Self-paced and available 24/7
  • Provides a consistent learning and knowledge base
  • Can be used to refresh knowledge in key areas
  • No travel time required
Assessment Formats
Our Work
Our Programs & Product Samples  

  ~  Customer Service Series
  ~  New Hire & On-Boarding   

Client Programs  

  ~  Case Management Certification    
  ~  Zima Wellness Academy     

All of our educational programs can be hosted on your website or LMS.
Programs and Topics
Now you can purchase courses through our training center or view several pre-formatted course samples, just waiting to be customized and launched for your own organization.  Developed in collaboration with our long-time business partners at Silver Quarter Solutions, Bill and Mary bring over 40 years combined experience in training, design, digital learning and LMS administration.
Customer Service Series
With the ever increasing options providing goods and services, customer expectations are soaring high. Is your customer service up to the task or are you driving your customers to the competition? In this four part series, you will learn skills and strategies that can be applied to any business that will make you an expert in working with the public and enhance your customer’s experience. 
Audience – Businesses, Non-Profits, Workforce Development & Job Seekers

  • Customer Service – The Basics
  • Customer Service – Diffusing the Irate Customer
  • Customer Service – Handling Problems with Ease
  • Customer Service – Management’s Role

Now available through our Training Center.
Case Management Certification Program
A fully customized syllabus, created from workforce legend and case management guru, Dr Beverly Ford's experiences, training classes and published books.  Each section brings forth ideas and examples from actual in-field scenarios.  An exam concludes each lesson, in each section.

Audience – Career Coaches, Non-Profits, Workforce Development

Click here for more information and to purchase the program.

Computer Management Corporation of the South is located in central Florida along the Space Coast in Brevard County.
Marketing, Webdesign, Video Production
Marketing, Webdesign, Video Production
Marketing, Webdesign, Video Production
Marketing, Webdesign, Video Production
Marketing, Webdesign, Video Production
Mary P Parker, President
Computer Management Corporation of The South ®   
Cocoa, Florida
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Redefine professional development with online training that works for you – regardless of location, time of day or night, the area of study or method of delivery. Our online training solutions provide continuous online learning across a multitude of supported mobile devices and subject categories.

Our programs can be purchased “as is” or branded for your organization and customized with additional material specific to your business/organization. 

Don't see the topic or program you need?  No problem!  We work with a variety of subject matter experts, or we can work with your experts to develop your program using a proven process from scripting, design, and review to final delivery.

Simply download and email us the Training Program Request form and we will be happy to develop a program for you.
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Customer Service - The Basics
Client Programs
Ready to offer your own training programs?  Computer Management Corporation can set up your own learning management system (LMS) on your Word Press site and assist in your course development with interactive modules, video/audio editing and reading modules.  Check out some of the training offered by our clients!
WORKFORCE180, the leader in innovative and revolutionary training programs for workforce organizations, has served more than 500 organizations, nationwide.  They have recently launched their first online certification program for Workforce Professionals! 
Coming Soon!  Our latest project is designing a new website, learning management system and course development for Wellness Coach and Motivational Speaker, Dr Surina Ann Jordan, President of Zima Health, LLC.